About the company

Hotel ATSITSA and Antonis restaurant is family-run and owned by the family of Anthony and Mary Kalimeri. They are both located in Atsitsa of Skyros, beside the sea in a peaceful and pleasant environment. The quality of our menu is witnessed by the lasting relations we have established with our customers and are kept unchanged in time.

Hotel Atsitsa on the right, restaurant Antonis center
Hotel Atsitsa on the right, restaurant Antonis in the center

From 1981 the restaurant is the main attractions of the area offering unique aegean sea dishes. It is well known to locals and tourists mainly for the fresh fish and the famous lobster pasta. The quality of our menu is witnessed by the lasting relations we have established with our customers and are kept unchanged in time.

Hotel ATSITSA was completed in 2000 and is a first class choice for those looking for an accommodation away from the hectic pace of the city, family and elderly friendly, in the tranquility of green nature. The hotel offers all the basic amenities to enjoy your stay in our island. It is just a few meters from the Atsitsa beach where you can enjoy swimming.

About Atsitsa

Atsitsa is a beautiful seaside village, one of the most picturesque in Skyros with nature running wild and creating beautiful images. It is 18.5km away from the Chora of Skyros, scattered with pine and olive trees that reach the sea and owes its name to the small island near the beach.

Atsitsa beach view
Atsitsa beach view

The traditionally built houses of the village are in harmony with the natural landscape and create a beautiful image that calms.

Atsitsa Bay previously served as a port of local now closed iron mines. On the beach there are still the stone pillars that were used to transport the mine trolleys.

Atsitsa is a heaven of peace and natural beauty. The rich vegetation reaches the sea creating images drowned in green and blue. It is one of the most picturesque resorts on the island and offers tranquility to guests.

About Skyros

Skyros belongs to the North Sporades, the capital of the island is Skyros (or Chora), located on the east coast. On the island live about 3000 residents. Worth mentioning is the geomorphology of the island as the northern part is covered by dense pine forest like the other islands of Sporades while the southern part is dominated by the mountain Kohilas in an area which is a rocky wasteland and looks more like the south part of Evia and the Cyclades islands.

Chora, Skyros

The island is known for its many natural beauties and traditional customs some of which come from ancient times. This combination, along with low but quality tourism makes Skyros selective guest receiver, thereby maintaining the traditional character.

The island is full of beautiful places, such as Yialos, the Achili, the Vrachia and beautiful beaches that adorn the entire island (Nifi, Three Boukes, Fanari and Diapori etc.). On the island we find several and important archaeological sites such as the Byzantine Castle located above the town. There was the ancient Skyros acropolis and the headquarters of King Lycomedes of Skyros, famous for killing King Theseus of Athens, which unfortunately is not preserved.